Zayn Malik Facts

John asks…

Whats so good looking about Zayn Malik?

Now im not hating or anything, but what makes him good looking? like his hair or something? just need a honest answer

Zayn Fan answers:

Just everything. His facial structure, his hair, his style. Some people like the fact that he’s mixed and that attracts them.

Sharon asks…

What are some one direction facts?

All my friends are obsessed with 1dierection and indent mind them, they have really good songs. But I really would like some facts,I know they love in England and I know there names but just some extra info.

Zayn Fan answers:

Okay so yeah you know the members…
Harry Edward Styles – born on Feb 1st 1994 *he just turned 18 last month!!!!*
Niall James Horan – born on September 13th 1993
Zayn Jawaad Malik – born on Jan 12th 1993
Liam James Payne – born on Aug 29th 1993
and Louis Tomlinson – born on December 24th 1991 *hes obviously the oldest… 21*

1.) After 1D won the Brit Award they celebrated by stuffing their faces with burgers from McDonalds *haha*

2.) There is a special connection between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson: Larry Stylinson. But of course… There not gay or anything… But one example is:
And Louis and Harry do admit on a recent interview that they are Larry <3

3.) They all auditioned out for the UK X-Factor show as solo artists but then when they all didn't make it through to the next round they were put together as a group and Harry Styles came up with the name One Direction.

4.) In a video dairy Louis Tomlinson has a plastic toy pigeon named Kevin :D

5.) Liam has a strange fear of spoons

6.) When one direction announced they had a tour in the UK it sold out in about 12 minutes.!

7.) What Makes You Beautiful was the 3rd fastest selling single in the UK of 2011!!!

8.) Harry can juggle….

9.) One Direction will be on iCarly on Nickelodeon airing on April 13th

10.) Zayn had to leave the USA tour a bit early because of a sad family problem.

11.) One of Liam's sweet quotes about Zayn: "People wonder why we introduce our self as Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam. It's because were not One Direction without Zayn" <33

12.) Harry can play the instrument Kazoo

13.) Niall is actually Irish… Not British like all the other boys. And also the only blonde…

14.) If Harry wasn't in One Direction now, he would be in school and working in a bakery

15.) Liam cried while watching Toy Story 3 and Niall cried during Finding Nemo

16.) In an X-Factor video diary the boys were asked to say what they like in a girl. Everyone responded as normal but Louis stated "I like girl who eat carrots" now he gets a lot of carrots so he updated by saying "Now i like girls who have lamborghini's and Rolex watches" haha

17.) Harry really wants to go to New Zealand :)

18.) Niall screamed in happiness when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter

19.) Liam can beatbox

20.) Niall can play the guitar

21.) Louis can play a little piano

22.) Zayn can play the triangle

23.) Harry got asked "If you had to date one member in your band what member would you choose?" He said "I would definitely pick Louis"

24.) One cute quote Niall stated was: "I always defend the people I love, even though I'm about as terrifying as a … Baby penguin"

25.) The boys think that if they were in a horror movie then Niall would be the first to die because he wouldn't know what the hell was going on!

26.) Louis likes it if girls were glasses, fake or not… But of course Louis would date someone with or without glasses <3

27.) Louis… "D STANDS FOR DINOSAUR!!!!!"

28.) As all "Directioners" should know… Louis is obviously the loudest, craziest, and probably funniest *in my opinion* but when One Direction first met, Louis was the quiet one.

29.) Louis dreams about Harry and Niall the most <3

30.) LOL Harry once told a girl that he was gay because he wasn't interested in her :D :P

31.) Harry thinks that Niall looks like Furby *if you know what Furby is.. It's like this bird toy thing if you don't

32.) Niall got a piece of clothing that was green but he traded it with Zayn because he didn't want people calling him a leprechaun.

33.) When Niall is homesick the boys talk in an Irish accent to comfort him <3

34.) They were asked "Would you rather kiss a girl or eat a pizza?" Harry said "kiss a girl" and Niall said "Eat a pizza"

35.) AND!!! When Zayn ate Niall's last chip, Niall tried to eat Zayn's hand as a punishment.

Betty asks…

What are the characteristics of what Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik want in a girl? (to date)?

I want to this because they are my favourite One direction people and all i can find is what Harry Styles wants in a group. So please help! lots O’ details would be great ;)

thank you for your time :)

Zayn Fan answers:



I hope this helped! You can just look it up on Google:/ hahahaha. The only chance you really have is to go to their concert or be in the same hotel as them or act normally talking to them on the street! Lol by that I mean don’t squeal, they will find you EXTREMELY annoying…

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Zayn Malik One Direction Religion

Laura asks…

Is Zayn Malik from one direction muslim?

I am muslim and one direction is my favorite band in the whole world so I was wondering.
I know his mom is Christian and his dad is Pakistani.
He has a cross necklace. And he dated Rebecca, a non-Muslim who is almost 26.
But he isn’t a virgin and I’m pretty sure he drinks.
He used to post about Islam before One Direction blew up.
Do you think fame changed his religion or is he doing it because the other 1D boys do.
Or because he thinks his career will do better if he hid his religion.
I still love him but I’m alittle disappointed. I looked up to him :/
What do you guys think?

Zayn Fan answers:

He’s Muslim…but not a practising one….or a very good one…because he literally does things that are strictly forbidden in Islam


the arabic tattoo he has on his chest is hardly religious…it says ‘walter’ in arabic…which is the name of his grand dad who passed away

Ken asks…

is zayn malik is a Sunni muslim or Shia?

Zayn Fan answers:

He is a Sunni Muslim.

Born: 12-Jan-1993
Birthplace: Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Gender: Male
Religion: Sunni Muslim
Occupation: Singer

Nationality: England
Executive summary: One Direction

Father: Yaser Malik
Mother: Patricia (“Tricia”)
Sister: Doniya
Sister: Safaa
Sister: Waliyha

George asks…

Is this Zayn Malik’s sister?

I typed in “Zayn Malik‘s” sister on google and this popped up. Does she wear the hijab or was she just wearing it on that day? I’m just wondering.,r:10,s:0,i:107

Zayn Fan answers:

I dont know, but they are muslim, so it IS their religion to wear it.

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Zayn Malik Photos

Mark asks…

How to get zayn malik’s hair? tips and will i look good with it?

I was wondering if i have the right face shape to get the hairstyle? please respond as soon as possible (: also for the ladies who respond, do you think i would look good in it? thank you very much

Here is a picture of me (a bit dark):

Zayn Fan answers:

That’s not a hairstyle, the guy in the photo just woke up.

Michael asks…

HELP!… Does anybody know what raybans these are?

Hey, I saw a pic of zayn malik wearing some raybans here …. Does anybody know what model these are? I ReALLy want to buy them… Thanks

Zayn Fan answers:

Those do not look like Ray Bans in the photo.

Thomas asks…

Zayn and Perrie? Louis and Eleanor?

-My mate just told me that El’ cheated on Lou’, and all the boys unfollowed her twitter… True?

-Liam said that he was the only one in a relationship…That explains Zayn looking like a high motherfucker, swearing at paps’.

-Little Mix unfollowed Zayn on twitter.

I’m so confused right now! Is this true?

Zayn Fan answers:

There was a photo of Eleanor Calder kissing another guy who was her ex-boyfriend and the photo was old which many people find that Eleanor Calder has cheated on Louis Tomlinson when she didn’t. Considering that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards hasn’t been spotted seeing each other in quite a while I don’t know what’s exactly going on between the two unless they were to confirm their relationship in an interview of theirs. Little Mix has a lot of followers so it is hard to search through all of them to see if they are still following Zayn Malik or not.

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Zayn Malik Style For Guys

William asks…

What do you guys think of this:Harry Styles is cute but Zayn Malik is hot!?

What do you think?Am I right….

Zayn Fan answers:

Yeah…… No.

Daniel asks…

Girls:style tips for guys?

Or lads I don’t mind :).. I’m not very fashionable or what ever you call it haha but I was just wondering of any tips ..I’m 16 with sort of a James dean style.. Also sort of a zayn Malik style or so I’m told.. But could use some extra tips :) also on hair too..
My hairs a dark dirty blonde and brown.. Same as Deans haha.. Should I go for his type quiff? I have a high hairline and get old I look a lot like James dean.. Should I try it? I don’t know show it would be perceived as most of the guys I know dress basically like chavs or knackers..but **** it ! Il do what I want.. Any tips? Thanks :)

Zayn Fan answers:

You should go for it. A lot if guys that I know dress the same and act the same. And not all girls like that. But if I were you I would do it. It would be unique and different which is cool. :-) hope I helped

Betty asks…

Whos hotter Harry Styles or Zayn Malik?

I am for sure a one directioner but i feel that these are the two hottest guy for me but who do you think is hotter Harry Styles or Zayn Malik?

Zayn Fan answers:

Neither is remotely ROYAL….

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Zayn Malik Wiki

Maria asks…

If i want a Zayn Malik haircut should i ask my barber to blend the sides or not blend the sides?

I want a Zayn Malik haircut but i don’t know if my barber should blend the sides or not.

Zayn Fan answers:

The sides should be blended.
Medium/long pomp(Ricky Nelson):

nape was tapered:

nicely blended:


Fabian before:

And after a crew cut:

shorter short pomp:

longer short pomp:

flatter short pomp:

The answer at the following link might be helpful with regard to short styles as the hair is growing out:;_ylv=3?qid=20110525181053AAdzyeS

Good Luck!

George asks…

is zayn malik puerto rican?

Zayn Fan answers:

No, he is not.

He was born in Bradford, England, UK.
His grandfather on his fathers side, Mohammed was born in Pakistan.
His mothers family is from Ireland and England.

Born to British Pakistani father Yaser and an English mother.

Ken asks…

Who is the guy in this picture?

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik from the British/Irish boy band, One Direction.


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Zayn Malik One Direction Family

Joseph asks…

Is Zayn Malik doing something haram???? Ramadan?

Zayn Malik is from One Direction and I want to know if he is doing something haram???? He is Muslim…..

Zayn Fan answers:

He smokes
he drinks
he has tattoos
he sings
he’s dated girls/kisses them etc

all of which are strictly forbidden in Islam

he also doesn’t pray…and praying is COMPULSORY…to the extent that is you don’t pray…you’re not considered a Muslim

NONE of his family is religious to be honest…i know his dad is a Muslim…but not a practising one..i don;t know if his mum tricia even converted to Islam

Mary asks…

Does anyone personally know a member of One Direction? (For curiosity only)?

It’s above- does anyone know anyone from One Direction (Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan or Zayn Malik) personally, or are you related to any of them?

Now, I’m not some crazy fangirl or anything like that, but I’m not going to deny that while I’m not a big fan of their music, their interviews and video diaries are absolutely hilarious.

I’m doing a project at school where I have to compare celebrity characteristics in front of the camera to what they may be like in reality, and I think One Direction would be a good option.

If you do know them/are related to them/have worked with them, would you please be able to tell me something about their personalities?

Thank you, I really appreciate your input.

And please, if you’re just going to hate or make a pointless comment, I’m not interested and quite frankly no one else is either.

Zayn Fan answers:

I met Niall at a party in 2008 and I talked to him in 2009 but then I lost all contact. But my family works with Justin Bieber and so I was video chatting him one day and I asked him to call Niall (he knows that I know Niall) and he did and so I talked to Niall again this year. Niall is soooo sweet and really funny. When I first met him I was pretty young (I met him through Katie…at a party) but he was still really nice to me. I remember he just sat there and played soccer with me and he told us jokes. If you’ve ever seen a video diary or interview…..Niall is EXACTLY like that in person. That is really how he acts and it’s so funny. At one point, he actually had me laughing so hard that I was tearing up. He also has a really good memory. When I talked to him on the phone, he was like “Who is this?” and I told him my name and he asked me if I was the girl he met at the party years ago. I practically freaked out that he remembered me but I have not seen him in person since 2009. :’( But I can honstly tell you that he is exactly the same behind the scenes and not on camera as he is on camera. :) Hope this helped!

Steven asks…

I am a new One Direction fan,what should I know about them that every fan should know?

I just recently became a fan of One Direction and I’m trying to find out anything and everything about them. What should I know about the boys?

Zayn Fan answers:

Harry Edward Styles is the youngest, he dated Caroline Flack,32, when he was only 17 but he’s 18 right now and Harry is single! He is also the band member with the most followers on twitter. He has a tattoo of a star on his left arm.
Niall James Horan is the 2nd youngest, he’s irish, 18 years old but turning 19 this year, he laughs at almost anything that. He also tweets a lot! He can play the guitar.
Liam James Payne is the middle one, he’s british, 18 years old but turning 19 this year, he has a girlfriend whos a dancer on the X Factor. He’s the one that tweets a lot along with Niall. He auditioned for X Factor when he was 14, got all the way to judges house with Simon but got eliminated at the judges house
Zayn Jawaad Malik is the 2nd oldest, he’s 19 years old, he’s British Pakistani. Sad thing is that he smokes it was his new years resolution to stop but it didn’t succeed. He has 4 tattoos, his grandfathers name in Arabic on his chest, Ying Yang sign on his left wrist, not sure what it is but he has a symbol on his stomach, peace sign on his right arm. He also didn’t dance well during the X Factor.but he’s gotten better!
Louis William Tomlinson is the oldest, he’s 20 years old and he has a girlfriend. He has a bromance with Harry Styles, fans call them Larry Stylinson. He’s been in a musical Grease with his ex-girlfriend Hannah. People would say that Louis is one of the funniest members in the band.

When the boys first saw Louis, they thought he was going to be quiet but he was the total opposite. We call ourselves Directioners! There’s Malik Monday for Zayn, Tomlinson Tuesday for Louis, Sunday Styles for Harry, Niall and Liam doesn’t have one :( Some fans made flash mobs but most of them are in Australia and they are amazayn! They won their first award, a Brit, this year for Best British Single, What Makes You Beautiful. They already has an Up All Night tour 11-12, they are almost finished touring with Big Time Rush, and they’re having an UK & Ireland tour in 2013, the tickets were sold out about 2 hours they were on sale. They are also one of the few people to beat Adele for an award. Directioners call the boys:

They have a lot of trends on twitter especially if it’s one of their birthday or anything else that has to do with them. If Liam tweets Good Night, Good Night Liam will trend in less than a minute
Harry: February 1, 1994
Niall: September 19, 1993
Liam: August 29, 1993
Zayn: January 12, 1993
Louis: December 24, 1991

I know that’s a lot of detail and that’s not all I just wrote from top of my head! I hope I helped you!! :) Nice to welcome a new One Direction to the family!! :) x

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Zayn Malik Photos

Mark asks…

Would I suit my hair like this (photos below)?

This is me now……

How do you think i should cut my hair? I was thinking something like this……

Would I suit hair like that? Any other suggestions are welcome :) thanks

Zayn Fan answers:


and yeah you should because his hair looks so freakin amazing!

Sharon asks…

Poll: have you ever seen a really disturbing photo?

I am 15 and i just saw a picture of Zayn Malik from One direction..full naked showing his pee pee part. It’s fake but it really disturb me out quite a bit

Zayn Fan answers:

Seriously? You’re 15 you should be able to handle nudity and be mature about it.

Probably the most disturbing photo I saw would be the Blue Waffle @_@

Charles asks…

Is Zayn Malik manorexic?

I saw some photos of him and was looking painfully thing, like a meth addict. I realise photos like that can be shopped, but given that he’s a druggie, smokes and there are so many photos of him looking like that on so many different occasions, it appears plausible.

Katie, I just feel bad for the guy. It must be difficult being talentless AND anorexic. The two are probably related.

Katie, I just feel bad for the guy. It must be difficult being talentless AND anorexic. The two are probably related.
Brittany – lol me, jealous of this guy? Get real kid.

Zayn Fan answers:

Who cares? …Are you jealous of him it sounds like it to be honest

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Zayn Malik Style Hair

Michael asks…

Which celebrity has the best hair?

It can be a guy or girl. It would be much appreciated if you could provide a link to a picture

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have the best hair to me!(: (Zayn Malik) (Harry Styles)

Maria asks…

can i get hair like zayn malik if i have thick and kinda curly hair?

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn is a handsome guy! And yes just bring a picture of him to your hair salon then ask the hair dresser to show you how to style your hair like his and have the hair dresser tell you what products you’ll need. Zayn’s hair does look kinda thick and you never know it might naturally have some waves. I hope this can help! Have a great day today! :)

Mary asks…

Ive cut my hair short on the sides and back and have left that top up so i can style it up.. read below :).?

im trying to style my hair like zayn malik…and i have a blow dryer.. moose,gel ect and i cant seem to get it right.. when i blow dry it and comb it.. it dosent go into proper shape.. and the top of my hair sticks up and dosent like much like the zayn malik hairstyle. what can i do to get the top of my hair to look like zayn maliks and what things can i do to maintain my hair like that please help! ive got the shorts shaved sides and back but the top looks horrible! :(

Zayn Fan answers:

How about getting a hair straightener (one with thin tongs) to make styling a bit easier? P.S that is such a sexy haircut.

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Zayn Malik Haircut

Laura asks…

Wanting to get my hair like Zayn Malik, and Justin Bieber’s. Help..?

I want to get my haircut like Zayn Maliks and justin Biebers mainly zayn‘s but i have a question.
Here’s my hair now:

I would just grow it out on the top and trim on the sides right?
like trim the sides and the back or just the sides? what does he do?

Zayn Fan answers:

For Zayn- Grow it out, spike it up in the front, cut the back and yah pretty much it looks like.


Justin- grow it out, pick a point on your head and comb from that one point down.

Lisa asks…

Zayn Malik Hairstyle?

Hey im a 14 year old male who is going into grade 9 and I want to have a new hairstyle
I really like the Zayn Malik hairstyle but dont know if I should get it
here it is
heres a pic of me with my current hairstyle
Please respond I need your help

Zayn Fan answers:

Get it. I think it’ll look really cool. I’ve done quite a few of these haircuts. Really nice for a change and if you hate it-well, it’s hair and it’ll grow back!

John asks…

Can anyone find me a picture of Zayn Malik’s haircut only with brown hair instead of black?

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn has never had brown hair. It was a dusty black but no, it has never been brown. Only when he was a young child.
Try googling “baby zayn malik” and tons will pop up.
U a directioner…?

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Zayn Malik Photos

David asks…

Survey : Do I look a bit like zayn malik?

If so, what are the similarities between us :)

Zayn Fan answers:

If I were you id kidnap zayn and store him in your closet and pose as him and get all them ladies. Or just live your llife. Yanno

Charles asks…

Anyways, do you think this is proof that Zayn Malik never cheated?

I’ve been asking so many questions about this subject. This is the last one I’ll ask. If I get goos answers or not. I feel like I’m being annoying!/photo.php?fbid=357210934386757&set=a.317280168379834.74993.317245755049942&type=1&theater

I felt bad when punched a wall cause of the rumor and broke his hand. :/

I wanna give him a hug now

Zayn Fan answers:

Well actually no one knows how he broke his hand or something but I know Zayn wouldn’t cheat. Courtney Webb the girl who said she had sex/slept with him is probably doing it for publicity. Anyway if she had twitter, she would got a whole lot of hate. If you have twitter then you would know that us directioners, we have proof that Zayn didn’t cheat and I’m not lying lol. :) x

Paul asks…

How to get over crush on Zayn Malik (from One Direction)?

I’m normally apathetic to boy bands, but recently I’ve developed an obsession with Zayn Malik. In my mind, I picture him as a perfect person who has no physical or personality flaws. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t enter into relationships with real guys because they’re not Zayn… No matter how good-looking or nice a guy is, I won’t consider him attractive because no one can compare with Zayn. This is really pathetic. Can someone please tell me how I can get rid of this crush?

If you don’t know who Zayn Malik is (how can you not?):

Zayn Fan answers:

Everyone will get over him eventually. He’s just a hot singer it’s no biggie. Just go look at other attractive celebrities… If you were mature you wouldn’t ask this kind of question.

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