Zayn Malik Photos

David asks…

Survey : Do I look a bit like zayn malik?

If so, what are the similarities between us :)

Zayn Fan answers:

If I were you id kidnap zayn and store him in your closet and pose as him and get all them ladies. Or just live your llife. Yanno

Charles asks…

Anyways, do you think this is proof that Zayn Malik never cheated?

I’ve been asking so many questions about this subject. This is the last one I’ll ask. If I get goos answers or not. I feel like I’m being annoying!/photo.php?fbid=357210934386757&set=a.317280168379834.74993.317245755049942&type=1&theater

I felt bad when punched a wall cause of the rumor and broke his hand. :/

I wanna give him a hug now

Zayn Fan answers:

Well actually no one knows how he broke his hand or something but I know Zayn wouldn’t cheat. Courtney Webb the girl who said she had sex/slept with him is probably doing it for publicity. Anyway if she had twitter, she would got a whole lot of hate. If you have twitter then you would know that us directioners, we have proof that Zayn didn’t cheat and I’m not lying lol. :) x

Paul asks…

How to get over crush on Zayn Malik (from One Direction)?

I’m normally apathetic to boy bands, but recently I’ve developed an obsession with Zayn Malik. In my mind, I picture him as a perfect person who has no physical or personality flaws. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t enter into relationships with real guys because they’re not Zayn… No matter how good-looking or nice a guy is, I won’t consider him attractive because no one can compare with Zayn. This is really pathetic. Can someone please tell me how I can get rid of this crush?

If you don’t know who Zayn Malik is (how can you not?):

Zayn Fan answers:

Everyone will get over him eventually. He’s just a hot singer it’s no biggie. Just go look at other attractive celebrities… If you were mature you wouldn’t ask this kind of question.

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Zayn Malik One Direction Twitter

Carol asks…

whats one direction real twiter account?

I’m always watching one direction read tweets at concert and wanna know which one is their real account because i’m going to their concert in July.

Zayn Fan answers:

The whole group/band:!/onedirection

Harry Styles:!/harry_styles

Niall Horan:!/niallofficial

Louis Tomlinson:!/louis_tomlinson

Zayn Malik:!/zaynmalik

Liam Payne:!/real_liam_payne

John asks…

Do you Know Who Zayn Malik Is ? :)?

From One Directions. :D
How many people really think he’s fiiiiiiine as helll.
i do. :b

Zayn Fan answers:

Yes I do. I heard about ‘One Direction’ on Twitter so I searched them up on Google and Youtube (since I don’t live in the United Kingdom them being on X-Factor did not sir in America. Once I heard about ‘One Direction’ I automatically fell in love with them. Their voices, their talent, their goofiness just everything. I never heard of such a great boy band in my life. Zayn Malik is extremely handsome but I have always been attracted to Harry Styles the most I don’t really know why lol :) their all amazing.

Ruth asks…

Who is one direction?!?

What’s this fuss about? Like i don’t get it lol I’m sorry if i’m being mean or rude but who are they?
Thank you for your time :D

Zayn Fan answers:

Okay you asked for it… ;)
one direction is a British-Irish band from the uk made up of Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They each auditoned separately on the UK verison of the X Factor however they were eliminated. Simon cowell believed they were too good to leave so he put them in a band and they continued to the finale where they recieved thrid place and were signed to simons agency. Thier album Up All Night was released in the UK and will be released in the US and Canada on Tuesday which includes 13 songs and there’s a walmart edition and a yearbook deluxe edition. They have thier own dolls and merchandise at which can be bought at thier website Zayn Malik is brunette and known as the mysterious shy one who has three tattoos, one ear pierced and his cartilage and he likes Micheal Jackson, drake, Chris brown and Katy Perry. His half Pakistani half British. Harry Styles has curly hair and is known as the flirt who gets the most numbers from girls and is the “cheeky” one. Louis Tomlinson is the funny crazy one and his the oldest at 20. His dating elenor Calder a part time student and model. Liam payne is the sensible big brother who is the nice guy and sings the lost as well talks the most in interviews. Niall horan is the only Irish and his blonde. He loves Justin bieber and is known as the cute one. His sweet and always laughing and smiling and is obsessed with food and says potato really funny. Louis is known as saying he likes girls who eat carrots, Liam is known for his flick, Harry is known for his hair flip, zayn is known for his “vas happenin?” and niall is known for well eating and laughing xD they have sponsorship with Nokia phones and pokemon. They just finished a UK tour and are touring until the end of march with US boy band big time rush. They will be performing as the Kids Choice Awards on march 31 and have a guest starring role on the US nickelodeon show iCarly. Right now they are on tour. Recently they attended the big time rush movie premiere. They are reallllly goofy and natural and they all have “bromances” like Larry stylinson and ziam etc etc because they are so flirty with each other xD on thief album Kelly clarkson co wrote some songs and they wrote three songs. They have a onedirectionvevo account on YouTube which has music videos like the hit what makes you beautiful with over 65 million views and there’s a onedirectionchannel account which has tour video diarys and updates. A YouTube user emitchel09 puts up videos constantly which is awesome. They are all amazing singers with awesome dedicated fans who call themselves directioners with one direction fever. Recently there’s been backlash with new fans who aren’t as experienced who are classified as directionators who say stuff like Zain and one direction mania. A lot of people are angry that nickelodeon a tv network for 10 year olds is trying so hard to promote a band that’s meant for MTV or something but whatever. They each have twitters and a wikipedia page. Recently they won a BRIT award which is equal to a Grammy in the US

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Zayn Malik Style Shoes

Maria asks…

Teen girls: What is your perfect guy? (just for fun)?

Describe physically:
Hair style
Colour of hair
Eye colour
Facial hair
Anything else…

Just what you like about them…

By the way I’m a teen guy too, not some weird stalker.
Also if u have a picture…
Skin colour (tan, pale etc)
Sixpack (I have one do girls like it…

Zayn Fan answers:

I like guys with a cute little zayn malik hair style going on.
I really like brunettes not so much blondes.
I don’t care that much about eye colour.
They absolutely have got to be taller then me or it can be kind of weird (same height works to).
They don’t have to have a lot of muscles they just need to be stronger then me :) And i don’t like a guy with huge muscles that’s just blahhh.
I like a guy with a simple since of style… To make themselves look hot about every couple weeks with a cut plaid shirt and jeans…but other then that tennis shoes and b ball shorts with a holister shirt is hott. Or sweatpants are cute :)
Facial hair umm none ;)
And to add a few other things i like it if they are fit and in shape but they don’t have to be built with dashboard abs or anything just fit :)
That’s my perfect guy.

Donald asks…

What are the shirt sizes of the One Direction boys?

I am wanting to buy Basketball jerseys for them and don’t know their sizes.

Zayn Fan answers:

Reebok jersey 48 (medium)
Elite jersey 44 (medium)
Nike jersey 44 (medium)
With Nike jerseys are fit by weight, so approximately 150 lbs. (68 kg) would be a large.

But overall, a basketball jersey in a medium would work for each one of them since they don’t wear overly baggy clothing and pro jerseys run slightly large anyway.

Niall James Horan: 19
Born in: 13 September 1993
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 68kg (150Ib)
Shoe size: 10

Harry Edward Styles: 18
Born in: 1 February 1994
Height: 183cm (6 ft.)
Weight: 73kg (160 Ib)
Shoe size: 10

Liam James Payne: 19
Born in: 29 August 1993
Height: 177cm (5′ 10″)
Weight: 74 kg (164 lb.)
Shoe size: 10

Zayn Jawaad Malik: 19
Born in: 12 January 1993
Height; 174 cm (5′ 9″)
Weight: 68 kg (150 lb.)
Shoe size: 9

Louis William Tomlinson: 20
Born in: 24 December 1991
Height: 174 cm (5′ 9″)
Weight: 68 kg (150 lb.)
Shoe Size: 10 charts:

Official website:

Mandy asks…

What’s in this spring for teen guys?Girls opinion needed.?Best answer will be chosen?

Okay,so i just turned 15 this November!
I’m kinda Muscular and athletic,with those buff arms and stuff.
I am 6’4,Indian Male.
What’s in for guys this summer/spring.
I have a fair(little tan) complexion just like that one direction guy Zayn malik!
i have faux hawk like Justin’s

I need advice on shoes.
My current wardrobe has a lot of Sports related clothes like Nike , Adidas and puma!
Suggest me some looks.
like what to wear with button downs,Tshirts

P.S: I don’t wear skinny jeans

Zayn Fan answers:

Well I would say try shopping at stores like PAC sun & Zumiez that’s basically the style boys are wearing spring 2013 – summer 2013

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Zayn Malik

David asks…

Is zayn malik really with perrie from little mix again?

I’ve just been wondering whether it’s true or just a rumor

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik has never been in a relationship with Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. They were rumored to be dating while they were contestants on X-Factor UK but they have both denied it. While they were on X-Factor they hardly ever knew each other. Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards tweeted on Twitter after they saw the film, The Avengers together. If they did go and see a movie together they could’ve went with a group of friends or just to get to know one another as friends. There are several websites on Google that are saying that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are dating but there is nothing to prove nor are these websites reliable. Zayn Malik heard about fans talking about his rumored relationship with Perrie Edwards and messaged one fan on Twitter about it saying that hes still single and hes enjoying his time while hes at home. Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are very busy. With the personalities and looks the boys in the group, One Direction have they will have several friends that are girls. You shouldn’t tend to believe rumors unless that certain celebrity confirms it.

John asks…

Is Zayn Malik Dating Perrie? I’m So Confused!?

Does anyone know is Zayn and Perrie are official, dating, or just friends?

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are currently dating at this moment. Zayn Malik announced that he was in a relationship at The Men In Black Premiere when he didn’t put his hand up when the interviewers also known as journalists for E! News told the boys in One Direction to put their hands up if they’re single and keep them down if they are in a relationship Zayn Malik also confirmed that he was in a relationship with Perrie Edwards as he talks about her in an interview with ‘Mojo In The Morning’ Perrie Edwards confirmed her relationship with Zayn Malik for the first time on ‘This Morning’ as she has said that shes really happy

Paul asks…

What phone network is Zayn Malik on(from the x factor)?

Tell me, I think I have his number but it goes to voice mail…

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik ———- Zayn Malik!/zaynmalik ————- One Direction scape tv x factor
Is Cher Lloyd rowing over Zayn Malik?
Http:// —————- Zayn Malik
Hottie from One Direction! Http:// ——— Videos for zayn malik,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8b88437e675bc1a&hl=en&prmd=ivnso&tbm=vid ———

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Zayn Malik One Direction Phone Number

Robert asks…

Does One Direction ask for your number if…?

Lets say the hottest gjrl is at their concert and they like her they ask for her number right? I heard all the guys ask for average looking reporters number and yeah pretty cool to tell you the truth… So how many girls are going to try to get their number????

Zayn Fan answers:

If the boys in the group, One Direction were to ask for a fans phone number they wouldn’t ask them during their concert because it can mess up their performance and several fans would hear which can get many very angry or upset. If One Direction is performing and they find an attractive female in the audience the way that they would flirt with them is either by holding their hand or winking at them. They do flirt with several fans as well as asks for phone numbers. The boys usually ask for fans numbers during CD signings and meet and greets. Through CD signings and meet and greets they get to know what your like and they would have easy access to get your number. There is a fan of One Direction’s named Jo-Hannah Lynn that met the boys in One Direction at a CD signing in Philadelphia on St. Patrick’s Day and did catch their attention. When the fan met the boys she took a video of it. Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles was flirting with her and also did ask for her number as you can see in the video of hers. If you want to see Jo-Hannah Lynn and ask her a few questions you can see her Tumblr page here, and her Twitter page here,!/_hannahlynnn Yes, One Direction has thousands to millions of fans but they treat their fans as if they were to be normal.

Steven asks…

what is the real phone number of ZAYN MALIK or any other member of 1D 2013?


Zayn Fan answers:

I think its pretty obvious these are kept very secret,and if anyone found out it would be impossible to get through and it would be changed quickly. I think the same applies to anyone famous and popular. I would contact them through their management company. Link enclosed.

Mark asks…

What is Niall Horan’s phone number?

I am a complete fan of one direction I call my self a directioner and I really would love to talk to Niall or any of the boys (Harry Styles Liam Payne Louis Tomlinson Zayn Malik) if you could get any of there number please give me them it would mean so much like sooooooo much I am not kidding

Zayn Fan answers:

Lol girl, by the time we find out, they’d probably would have already changed theyre number by then!

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Zayn Malik Photos

Paul asks…

Who has the best hair zayn malik or liam payne?



Zayn Fan answers:

That’s a hard one, but if had to pick one it would be ZAYN!

Carol asks…

Zayn Malik from One Direction Tattoos?

Ok so i 100% respect Zayn Malik from one direction and he can do whatever he wants to his body (ya know his body his desicion) and i was just wondering what all tattoos he has and what meaning they have behind them. Also does anybody know why he covered up his born lucky tattoo? Just wondering.
also does anyone know why he got his born lucky tattoo covered up?

Zayn Fan answers:

He’s actually gotten lots of tattoos recently,anyways:

1. Arabic writing on his chest that says ‘walter’ which is the name of his grandad that passed away
2. Arabic writing on his collar bone that says’be true to who you are’
3. A microphone on his arm,not sure what it mean,probably his love for singing,lol
4. He used to have a born lucky chinese symbol on his stomach but covered it with a gay massive heart tattoo..don’t know what it means
5. A playing card on his ribcage..not sure what it means
6. A fantail (type of bird) tattoo on the back of his neck, he got it while he was in new zealand and it’s their native animal
7. Crossed fingers on his forearm…don’t know what that means
8.a ying yang sign on his wrist
9. A small jigsaw puzzle piece on his arm near his elbow,he got it with his 2 friends that have pieces that fit together

here is an image of all those tattoos:

ok,so the past few days ago,he’s gotten more tattoos on his arm:

10. ‘Friday?’ written on his other collar bone,it’s an inside joke between the boys,so we don’t know what it means…here’s a pic:

11. A number 6 on his forearm,again not sure what it means:

12. A big tattoo that says ‘zap’ (this was just seen yesterday,so it’s really new)..zap is again an inside joke between the boys:

he’s getting lots of tattoos,he’s hoping to complete a sleeve soon,so yeh,more tattoos to come

Betty asks…

I’m confused, was Zayn at tonights concert?

I’ve been on twitter and i’m confused. Is zayn out with a girl or at the concert?
If you don’t have the answer and you’re going to be rude, why say anything at all? I obviously wasn’t asking for your opinion on the band. I was asking this question for those who might have known. I was simply just curious because I had been hearing about it on twitter.

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik had an interview before the One Direction concert in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9th as you can see from watching the interview here All artists and groups have sound check before their concerts as well as meet and greets. At the Las Vegas, Nevada sound check for the boys in the group, One Direction a fan decided to ask Zayn Malik a question asking, “If you were a hobo, what would your sign say?” as Zayn Malik replied back saying, “I don’t have a bed, may I sleep in yours?”. The girl that asked Zayn Malik that question and went to the One Direction concert is Monique her Twitter is!/Anialliate you can see some photo’s on her Twitter that she took at the concert as well. American Idol contestant, Jessica Sanchez sang the National Anthem at the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight tonight in Las Vegas while she was there Zayn Malik was there as well to watch the fight. Zayn Malik and Jessica Sanchez saw each other and took a photo as what Jessica Sanchez (@JSanchezA11) has posted on Twitter.

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Zayn Malik Style For Guys

James asks…

Who is cuter,Harry Styles or Zayn Malik?But you guys can say BOTH.?

I`m just wondering,since there both good looking guys.

Zayn Fan answers:

They are all so cute you can’t really compare but personally I think Zayn is the hottest!

Sandy asks…

What One Direction Guy You Like The Most?

Louis Tomlinson,
Liam Payne
Niall Horan,
Harry Styles,
Zayn Malik
For Me Zayn Malik

Zayn Fan answers:

Harry Styles is my favorite. He has the best voice out of all of them imo, and I LOVE his hair.

I used to looove Zayn, but then I found out he smoked.

Niall looks gay, sorry, I don’t like bleached blonde hair on men.

Louie finishes a close 2nd to Harry. He’s adorable with his suspenders and preppy hair lol.

Liam’s eyebrows annoy me to know end, I don’t get why so many girls like him.

Mark asks…

which guy character should I pick for my story?

I am writing a story on QOUTEV! (it’s a site where you can write stories, make quizes etc.) Anyways which character should be the main guy:O?

1.zayn malik
2.justin bieber
3.harry styles
4.austin mahone

please pick by the cutest, number them in order!
Also, if you guys have other suggestion feel free to comment!
Thank you^0^

Zayn Fan answers:

1. Harry Styles (because he is rather attractive looking and is British)
2. Zayn Malik (because he is also British and has a mohawk)
3. Austin Malone (because he Texan and probably has a dapper Southern accent)
4. Justin Bieber (Because he is a whiny voiced ninny with a hormone deficiency)

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Zayn Malik Twitter

David asks…

Has Zayn Malik deleted his twitter?!?!?!?!?! :’(?

Zayn Fan answers:

Yes, he deleted his Twitter earlier today. He has been getting a lot of hate that has gotten worse since the peephole video was leaked, where Zayn was apparently shown asking to take a girl to his bed. Since that, people have been accusing him of cheating even though that video had absolutely NO proof that it was even Zayn. Also, a lot of people have been starting rumors that he does drugs, which he does NOT do.

His last tweets were… “The reason i don’t tweet as much as i use to, is because I’m sick of all the useless opinions and hate that i get daily goodbye twitter :)” AND “My fans that have something nice to say can tweet me on the one direction account , :) x”

Mary asks…

What’s up with the zayn Malik worlds longest bath thing ? ?

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik tweeted on Twitter saying “this bath is amazing :) thumbs up aha” on June 11th and after that tweet he didn’t tweet until June 26th which made it seem as if he was in the bath the whole time. The fans that support the boys in the group, One Direction made a joke saying that he deserves an award for the worlds longest bath.

Linda asks…

Wich is Zayn Maliks new twitter!? PLEASE ANSWER!!!?

Okay so we all know the debastating new for TRUE directioners that yesterday he disactivated his twitter, but today right now in the morning people kept telling me that he got a new one, but there are two of them and I don’t know if they are real or fake from people impersinating them.
Did he get it back again or did he not ? Anyways they both look realistic, but one has to be fake or both.
They are
- @ZaynMalikOnline
- @OfficialZayn1D

So wich one is the big deal? And wich is a fake? Please answer if one is really the real one I’ll be so happy.

Zayn Fan answers:

I’m a one direction fan but, I’m not sure if those accounts are real. I can’t find @ZaynMalikOnline but I’ve seen the other one today. & ‘Zayn’ said that he was going to do a twitcam/live stream to prove he is real but he hasn’t yet.

Why would be come back the next day he deleted his twitter? Lol. I’m pretty sure the boys would know he made a new account. Niall would most likely to say something about it since he’s on twitter a lot. Ahah, idk.

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Zayn Malik One Direction

Joseph asks…

how to meet zayn malik from one direction?

how would i do this? seriously
of course he would want to meet me

Zayn Fan answers:

Before asking others how you would meet him, you should first ask yourself this, would zayn malik from one direction really want to meet you?

EDIT: ok then, meeting him would be easy. Go to a concert and sneak backstage and wait for him. Or if thats not possible, while he’s onstage place a gps tracking device under his tour bus. And follow it until it stops. When it does, wait till he comes out follow him. Then he will eventually go to a hotel room or something if he’s still on the road. When he leaves the room (he’ll have to some time) get inside. And when he returns, you’ll be waiting.

Charles asks…

What do u think of zayn malik/one direction?

I think he is the cutest?! What about you? Which 1 direction singer do u like?

Zayn Fan answers:

I have followed Liam since his first audition on the X factor in 2006. I rooted for one direction when they were finally formed on the X factor. But some of the fans are so.. Obsessed they’ve been turning me away. One girl on my class does nothing else but watch the music videos and right fanfics of her and Harry and she actually screamed the other day and when I went to her to ask her what was trying k kill her she said “Harry turned around!” Holding up a concert video playing on her phone. Honestly she screamed so loud I thought someone had stabbed her. -.- Also the songs are annoying they tell the fans what they want to hear even if its a lie they manipulate them into buying the music. It’s kinda sickening. But they’re good singers, I still listen to the stuff they sang when on the X factors like they sang Viva La Vida well and things.

Richard asks…

What ethnicity is Zayn Malik from One Direction?

I love One Direction and I was just wondering what ethnicity Zayn is?


Zayn Fan answers:

His mother is half Irish and half English. His father is Pakistani.
Therefore Zayn Malik is half Pakistani, quarter Irish and quarter English.
Or you could just say that he is Asian.

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Zayn Malik Photos

Ken asks…

Does Zayn Malik think he’s a hardman?

I look at photos of this guy and he often looks moody and rarely smiles. He seems to think of himself as a tough nut or a ‘bad boy’.

If he does think that, he needs to realise he’s soft as sh it and would get knocked out by any half-decent fighter.

So OD fans, is it true that he fancies himself as a hardman?

Zayn Fan answers:

You are probably being racist saying that as Zayn is half Asian,which probably explains his smouldering looks. He is of one Direction for those who don’t know.

Laura asks…

what’s the name of the guy from one direction…?

who has the hazel eyes??

i’m not sure but i want to know his name, thanks

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn malik


Mark asks…

Where can I find this shirt that Zayn Malik wears?

I put the link at the bottom (click on the pic to make it bigger). All I could find where shirts that only said thank you or only said fuck you but i want the one where it says both! Give me any sites that you can find please

Zayn Fan answers:

Here’s a t-shirt that is a little similar to the one that Zayn Malik wore today

Edit** The link I’m trying to show you isn’t working. Search on Google “Thank you f.u.c.k you have a nice day t-shirt” and it should show you several links where to purchase it.

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