Zayn Malik

Robert asks…

Is Geneva Lane with Zayn Malik?

Zayn Fan answers:

No, Zayn Malik is dating Perrie Edwards which was announced in May of this year. Perrie Edwards confirmed that she was dating Zayn Malik on ‘This Morning’ saying that shes really happy Zayn Malik also confirmed that he was in a relationship at the Men In Black 3 Premiere when the journalist(s) for E! News told the boys in One Direction to keep their hands down if they’re single and put them up if their in a relationship while Zayn Malik lifted his arm up

Linda asks…

Why is zayn Malik called Bradford bad boy?

Is Bradford like a poor town or something? Does it have a reputation of criminal activity or something? Like is the only one known for being a Bradford bad boy or is it common to call a guy from Bradford a bad boy? Please answer all questions. If you don’t know who he is please don’t answer…. Thanks!

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik was called that for more so a joke, he used to call him self that just to sound cool I guess. Louis jokes about it in one of their video diaries, but I can’t remember which one. I’m not sure if Bradford is a poor town or not.No, Zayn’s not a criminal. Just Zayn is called that (anyone else copied), Louis joked around and said Zayn used to walk around like, “Yo, I’m a Bradford Bad Boi.” Hope I helped. :)

Charles asks…

Zayn malik private twitter?

This might be a dumb question, but does Zayn have a private twitter called djmalik1993?? please don’t sat anything mean.

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn Malik does not have a private Twitter account. If Zayn Malik were to have a private Twitter account he would have a user name that would be thought from out of the blue meaning that he would not have a user name such as something that he likes to do or something that he is known for. If Zayn Malik were to have a private Twitter account it would be very personal. Since Zayn Malik can call, e-mail and text his friends and family I don’t really see why he would have a private Twitter account.

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Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Thomas asks…

Check out my One Direction fanfic?

Hey, my friend is telling me she likes my story so much.. but, I don’t see why. Could you check it out and give feedback? Thanks..
Here’s the link:

Check out my friends too? Feedback for hers?
Link here:

Thank you guys again<3. x

Zayn Fan answers:

Pls answr mine;_ylt=AkO5fqKxpYnBo0fVXGKQKY3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120807203229AAXRFhx

George asks…

Names for characters in my fanfic?

Writing a One Direction fanfiction (: . Can’t think of any names though! I’ve used Natalie Rose, Mallory Anne, Logan Joe, Kenneth Garrett, and Lyssa Taylorr in a previous one. I need new ones!

Main character- girl
-brown hair
-green eyes
-medium height
-celebrity crush: Louis Tomlinson
*I want her first name to be Brielle but I can’t think of a good middle name

Main character’s bestfriend- girl
-blonde hair
-hazel and blue eyes
-celebrity crush: Harry Styles

Other- boy
-black hair
-bright blue eyes
*was main character’s boyfriend, d-bag

Other- girl
-blonde hair
-ocean blue eyes
-celebrity crush: Liam Payne

Other- girl
-black hair
-dark eyes
-celebrity crush: Zayn Malik

Other- girl
-light brown hair
-green eyes
-celebrity crush: Niall Horan

Zayn Fan answers:

Main girl :
- Brielle Marie

Best friend :
- Harmony Elaine/Noelle

Other Guy:
- Jesse Erik
- Adrian Michael

Other Girl:
- Lucille “Lucy” Elizabeth

Other Girl:
- Chasity Grace

Other Girl:
- Sophia Mae

Hope this helps :)

Paul asks…

Good Description For My Story?

Ok so i’m writing a fanfiction. (Please don’t leave!!! I need help!) and its for One Direction (DONT LEAVE PLEASE) and it’s Larry Stylinson (IM BEGGING YOU!) and its called ‘ The Dare’ I am terrible at descrptions to lead people in and make them want to read it (yes it’s a gay book. BoyxBoy) and heres the link if someone wants to read it, which I highly dought anyone will unless you happen to like one direction


And i’ll give you credit if you have a wattpad account! PLEASE can someone write a good description on it? if you don’t wanna read it heres what its about…

Louis is 18 and a player who’s popular, has tattoos, the badboy, who’s bisexual. One day his bff Niall and him are drunk and decided to play truth or dare and niall says he dares him to make someone fall for him and break someones heart who’s a guy. He picks Harry whos a loner and is poor and only friend is Liam payne and is bullied by Zayn Malik. Throughout the time Louis falls for Harry and yea…

Zayn Fan answers:

Lexi’s ‘The Dare’ is yet another One Direction fanfiction in which the author vicariously enacts their manic obsession with a mass-marketed boy band. Crafted in a infinite spectrum of non-existent grammar, logic or spelling, this fairy tale is consistently poorly written, delving into the typical ‘gay’ cultural metanarratives which fall back on the usual unrealistic, superficial (ohh glitter how fabulous) and stereotypical portrayal of homosexual relationships. A brilliantly horrific read for any angsty teenager or drunken 30-year-old with no expectations, the sheer predictability of ‘The Dare’ will blow away even the most disinterested reader

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Zayn Malik Gif

Mark asks…

What’s your IDEAL “type”?

basically this:

this is mine, you can just copy and paste the form

gender: male

race: white boys with tans. and Zayn Malik from One Direction who is 1/2 paki and 1/2 white

eye color: brown doe eyes. Not all brown eyes though. They have to be beautiful!

hair color: black or dark brown

body type: slender, abs, toned biceps

height: 5’8″-5’10″

age: 17-20

other: straight white teeth, full pink lips, high cheekbones, dimples

Zayn Fan answers:

Plot twist: Asker is 40

Joseph asks…

What? Ramadan..could it be too late?

I feel like wishing Zayn Malik a Happy Eid..will it still be appropriate? In what language should I write a wish to him? I’m planning on writing something like this..”My honey bunny,Zayn. I’m a stranger from outer space who likes and watches you from afar. On this joyful month of Syawal..please allow this stranger to wish you a Happy Eid.” and I’m planning(if I could) I want to write it in Urdu. Can someone help me with it? Emm..does it differ? The days for Eid celebration.. I mean like from a country to another and from a community to another. Thanks anyway.. :)

I meant it..did I stutter? :(

Zayn Fan answers:

Eid was over for days now. But you can always wish him a belated Eid?

Also, even if he does have pakastani blood, it does not really mean he can read in Urdu? ;) So, English is better to write in.

Ruth asks…

how does she get her hair curled like this? pictures below!?

is it a curling iron or rollers? if its a curling iron, what size is it? i really want her her but i need to know how she gets it like this. or is it just natural? i know its long layers but yeah. btw her name is perrie edwards!–155241469.html

Zayn Fan answers:


Oh she is too pretty!!!! Love the pink hair on her. You can get this look by using larger velcro rollers, or you can always use hot rollers, or curl your air and pin them Wait for them to cool and finger comb it to your desired look. The only problem you may find is that if your hair is longer in the front with no layers the weight is going to pull the curl down and it will not feather like you want it to.. So just depends on your hair and if you want to change a bit of. And if you are feeling a bit fun you can always buy clip ins and have them placed and then have your hair cut with them in and styled

I really hope this helps!!!:-)

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Zayn Malik Quotes

Laura asks…

Did Zayn Malik really cheat on Perrie Edwards?

Did Zayn Malik really cheat on Perrie Edwards?

I just found this:

Zayn Fan answers:

Most likely rumors.its hard to trust a lot of articles cause most of them have fake info/quotes i dont think he would do that :)

David asks…

What are your favourite one direction quotes?

Just wondering…

Mine are:

“Don’t call a girl a flirt, she’s just trying to be nice. Don’t call a girl obsessed when she’s just in love.” – Zayn Malik

“If a man whistles at you don’t turn around, you’re a lady, not a dog.” Niall horan

Zayn Fan answers:

I won’t date a model, because models are perfect and perfect is boring. -Niall Horan
I’d rather play with paper airplanes and be called a boy than playing with a girl’s heart and be called a man. – Niall horan.
Those are my most favourite. Im a nialler girl forever.

William asks…

Do you think that this is a positive quote or a negative quote?

“Life is a funny thing, the minute you think you’ve got everything figured out something comes along and turns it all upside down.” – Zayn Malik

Just tell me weather you think it sounds like a positive quote or a negative quote
OK, I want to it on my twitter but I don’t want it to be negative

Zayn Fan answers:

Slightly negative if you really analyse it but its neither really….it’s just an observation

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Zayn Malik One Direction Family

Mandy asks…

Can someone please tell me whats going on with Zayn from One Direction?

Zayn Fan answers:

Read this:

should give you all the answers

Mary asks…

What are the chances I can marry zayn malik from one direction?

Ok don’t laugh but the very first time I laid eyes on zayn Malik from one direction I fell in love. I love the entire band and would love to marry any of them but its my dream to marry zayn. Zayn and I are 6 years apart. I feel like If I don’t marry him I will die. I know he has a perfect beautiful girlfriend (perrie Edwards from little mix) but for some reason I have a feeling that zayn and I are meant to be. I love him and the boys like they are my family. I figure when I’m 18 i can track them down and meet them (even if theyre not be famous anymore) and if zayns single we can make it happen.

I’m just curious if there’s a chance. I think there is one. You can comment mean things if you want if that will make you feel better about yourself :) just know that I’ve heard it ALL :)

Zayn Fan answers:

Same with with me and justin bieber!!! Just believe!! If (WHEN) u track em down u have a good chance of maybe him fancying u and especially if they aren’t famous by then!
Just believe, he is just another person like you and me, anything can happen esspesially when u want it and pursue it to happen!!
I wish u the very best of luck! Xx

Mark asks…

One Direction imagine idea?

K so i have a 1D tumblr and i write imgaines but im running out of ideas i need to write one about Zayn and Harry for my friend…Oh and please follow me

Zayn Fan answers:

One about harry:

You are standing at the front of the wooden door, nervous about what is going to lay ahead of you. You are petrified. No other day in the rest of your life has been like this before, its something which will change your life forever….for the better. You look at the wooden door and examine it, all the fine little splinters but they blur. You dont want to cry, its meant to be the happiest day of your life, yet your crying. Its of happy tears of course but you promised yourself that you wont cry. You swallow the lump in the back of your throat that no matter how many times you try to get rid of it, it wont go. You feel your Dad’s arm link closer and tighter to yours. It should be reassuring, but its not. It makes you realise that what your about to do will change your life forever. The door slowly opens, creaking as you hear silence inside. You walk in slowly, family and friends all glaring around to see you in your wonderful wedding dress. That dress that everyone is staring at, the one you spent ages on picking, it all seemed to be worth it. And there he was, my boyfriend, soon to be husband staring at me. His brown curly hair, curlier than normal yet still have the same sweetness he will always have despite being 25. He still looked the same as what he did when he was 18. You walk up the aisle, careful not to step in the little holes so they dont get caught in your heels. There he is, your man. His dimples more attractive than normal. He is the man that changed your life forever, he is beautiful. You glance into his eyes, swelling up with tears. He’s not normally an emotional guy but today he is. “I love you” said Harry before kissing you on the cheek. “Forever and Forever”

One for zayn:

Imagine… Imagine you’re wiping the lense of your camera, bent over a patch of perfectly placed dandelions in long grass outside a towering apartment block in London. It seems like the only natural thing left in the city and you find it strangely calming looking at the three little weeds bobbing in the late afternoon breeze. Tucking a strand of golden, blonde hair behind your ear, you peer through the lens and the familiar, soothing sound of the shutter eases you, until you hear a voice.

“What are you doing?” You stumble slightly in your crouched down position and feel yourself fall, then someone catches you. They’re hands are gripped onto your upper arms, stopping you from face planting into the grass. Groaning with embarrassment you turn around to face the person who first made you jump, and you stop. Those eyes, those beautiful, warm brown, long lashed eyes you know all too well. You remember he asked you a question, but you’re too focused on the perfect quiff of his hair and his signature varsity jacket and cheeky smile.

“Oh, uhm, I was just,” you begin but realise you’re not making any sense so you just hold up your camera, “photo.” You mumble, feeling your cheeks burn.

“Can I see?” Your head shoots up and you see Zayn Malik staring down at you, his eyes full of earnest and interest. Nodding, you begin flicking through the photos that appear on the digital screen of your camera and hold it up for him to see. He raises his hand and places it over yours so he can steady the camera and get a better look, unknowing the effect his touch has on your already screaming nerves. “That’s impressive,” he finally says, but he doesn’t move his hand away.

“Thanks,” you smile up and him and his eyes lock with yours, “I like finding beauty in ugly places,” you mumble and move your eyes downwards. You’re eyes however jerk up when you feel a gentle hand on your cheek and see Zayn watching your lips carefully,

“Me too,” he whispers and leans forward, pressing his lips to yours.

I hope I helped :D xx

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Zayn Malik Photos

Chris asks…

Zayn malik.. Help find a photo?

Can some one please find the original photo of zayn malik in this video?

Zayn Fan answers:

You can find it on his official website’s gallery setion.

William asks…

Is this girl one of Zayn Malik’s sisters?,r:10,s:0,i:107

Zayn Fan answers:

No, Zayn Malik’s sisters don’t wear a hijab

Thomas asks…

Zayn Malik from One Direction, smoking?

Yes he smoked, and his resolution was to stop. But is he following through with it? Is he trying? Did he completely stop already? THANKS!(:

Zayn Fan answers:

Unfortunately beautiful Zayn has broken his new years resolution, there are photos of him smoking this year, which is a real shame – We need you around Zayn!!

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Zayn Malik Muslim Or Christian

Sandra asks…

Muslim names for British boy?

Hi everyone,

First of all I am White British, and the area I live in has become very Muslim in recent years. I hear the schools here are well over 75% Muslim. My wife is due to give birth to our first child in about one month, and we are thinking about giving our boy a traditional Muslim name. Neither my wife nor I are Muslims, we are both white Christians borderline agnostics. My wife and I are both white, so our child will obviously be white like us. By giving him a traditionally Muslim name, I hope he will find it easier to fit in, despite his facial features. I don’t want my child to feel too different, I want him to be accepted into the future British community.

Zayn Fan answers:

Ihsan / Ehsan
Ilyas (Elias)
Idris (Enoch)
Adam (Adam)
Sulayman (solomon)
Musa (moses)
Daniyal (daniel)
Yusuf (joseph)
Ibrahim (abraham)
Isa (Jesus)
Mikail (michael)
Saleh (Methuselah)
Ismail (ishmael)
Jibril (gabriel)
Ishaaq (isaac)
Zakariya (zechariah)
Dawud (david)
Yunus (jonah)
Binyamin (benjamin)
Yushua (joshua)

Lisa asks…

What is so bad about Muslims?

I don’t understand why people think it’s OK to hate Muslims as a group. Most people frown upon discrimination against black people, latinos, jews, and other racial and religious minorities, but a large portion of the population, especially in western countries, are still prejudiced against Muslims. The other day I was telling my friend that Zayn Malik is my favorite member of the boy band One Direction, and she was like “omg, but he’s Muslim though! how can u possibly like him?” I was completely appalled that my friend, a Christian who hates racism as much as anyone, could think it’s fine to say something like that. Seriously… why do Muslims get so much hate? We’re in the 21st century, and I thought we’ve moved on.

Zayn Fan answers:

Thy go mew

Ken asks…

do the jonas brothers hate islam?

so they are Christians and i am Muslim and i am a fan and i don’t have anything against christanality, but i heard about the Justin bieber hating on Islam rumor but what do you think

Zayn Fan answers:

I don’t think so because they have muslim fans
and they are nice people so they are not rascits
ofcourse you know how many people love zayn malik from one direction although he is muslim
btw I am a muslim fan too X

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Zayn Malik Style Hair

Charles asks…

How do I get zayn maliks hair?

Zayn Fan answers:

This question confuses me. Do you want to buy Zayn’s hair. Cause don’t his hair is hot. If you want to style it just get it cut like his and learn how to style it. That’s how you do it.

James asks…

How to have Hair like Zayn Malik?

How do i get my hair like Zayn, what products etc.. and how to style it!

Zayn Fan answers:

U sorta look like him ;)
heres a vid on how to:
it has the products he used in the discription bar :) u can just youtube ZAYN MALIKS QUIFF

Michael asks…

What does zayn malik use to style his hair?

Zayn Fan answers:


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Zayn Malik Parents

David asks…

Name of this zayn malik fanfic?

I was reading a Zayn Malik fanfiction in the summer however, I stopped reading and forgot what the name of the fanfic is now that i want to read it!!! :( I remember reading it on wattpad. It was about this girl living on her own in chicago (i think), she worked at a restaurant. The first time she saw zayn was in this alley where he had saved her from 3 guys. Zayn‘s parents were dead i believe and he went to a pub or bar named Shamrock. Zayn took her on a date to this model home because he was poor and blah blah.. Also, zayn ended up living in her basement because she wanted to change him to be a good person.

I hope that sotra gives you an idea of the fanfic. If you know the name or link to the fanfic please let me know!! i will love you forever omg

Zayn Fan answers:

Hahahahahahahahahah. I am sry, I dn’t know.

Joseph asks…

Earrings on men. Gay?

My parents are against me getting earring cuz they say it’ll look gay. Idk. What about magnetic. R they any good. If soo. Where can I get some like zayn maliks ? I’m 15

Zayn Fan answers:

Earrings aren’t gay at ALL. That’s your parents problem.. Do they have anything against gay people? I’m just saying if they do maybe earrings are something they think only girls should wear. Magnetic or not they aren’t in my opinion. Do what you want

Helen asks…

What do you think of all those tattoos Zayn Malik has?

One time this kid he’s like I don’t know, He looked like he was in his first year ofmiddle school. He told me “Zayn‘s weird……cause he has all those tattoos.”

I didn’t care though but why do people make a huge deal about Zayn having tattoos. I know Zayn is Muslim and it’s against his religion to have tattoos but what I think is that it’s his life. He can do what he wants. What am I? His parents? No.

Zayn Fan answers:

Im not sure he's muslim. But he can get away with all those tatoos cause he's geogeous.

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Zayn Malik Religion

Donald asks…

Is Zayn Malik KIND of a religous muslim?

I’m just wondering. He posted this kinda of stuff on twitter.

Does he fast during Ramadan?

No racist comments and if your gonna be mean then don’t answer.

Zayn Fan answers:

I think that he drinks. He does have tattoos and has his ears pierced which isn’t very islamic
but he doesn’t eat pork and does tend to post islamic statuses.. So I definitely think he follows some aspects of his religion..He definitely takes his religion seriously, I think..

I mean, I’m a Muslim and there are many things that I also do that would be frowned upon. At the end of the day, none of us are perfect but at least we try, huh? :P

Lisa asks…

Does Zayn Malik perform his 5 prayers a day or never so. Does his father ok with him being unfaithful in Islam?

I am really curious as Muslim really taking care of their do’s and don’ts. Why does Zayn Malik even drinking alcohol, having tattoos, smoking, kissing females (and males) and much more things that is not teach in Islam. Will he be rejected as a Muslim? His father is 100% Muslim and his mother is a converted Muslim, right? Does this means his mother is not holding to the religious value? Does his father OK with him being oppose of his religions? I’m a fan and I hope you help me unclear these thoughts. Thank you. :)

Zayn Fan answers:

And what will be the matter for the father’s approval or not?
Will the father must beat Zayn for being unfaithful as Muhammad’s teaching?

Robert asks…

What religion is Zayn Malik’s mom?

What religion is Zayn Malik‘s mom? Just curious. I love Zayn!! Hehe :)

Zayn Fan answers:

I’m not sure

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