Zayn Malik Tumblr

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know Zayn Malik’s Tumblr?

Does anyone know Zayn Malik from one direction’s tumblr??? pleaseeeeeeeee x3

Zayn Fan answers:

Try this….


David asks…

What is Zayn Malik’s tumblr account?

I found one but I’m not sure it’s him. Thanks :)

Zayn Fan answers:

The Tumblr that the boys in the group, One Direction use is here There are several of people that can say they are Zayn Malik or any celebrity especially if there isn’t anything to show proof. It does seem as if Zayn Malik uses the official One Direction Tumblr often or he has one himself because he has been seen saying “Tumblr girls are hot” and “I love Tumblr” more than once. If Zayn Malik were to have a Tumblr account it would be quite private and personal.

John asks…

Zayn Malik Hairstyle? Or Haircut? Help?

Hi I’m 15 and want zayn Malik‘s hairstyle/haircut, I’m currently letting my hair grow and stuff. Longer on the top(8) and shorter on the back and sides(1). I was wondering how can I get my hair like this picture he’s in?
It’s very wavy at the front and long kind of how can I get that.? Also then there’s this haircut the one he uses currently.
But I like the other one more how can I get it? Again here’s more links to it.×230.jpg

Zayn Fan answers:

Woooooo!!! Big Zayn Malik fan right here! ;)
I love his hair! :) but anyway lol I suggest you just take a picture of Zayn to the hairdressers and say you want your hair cut like that! Zayn will also use a lot of styling products like gel and stuff to stick it up how he does :)
Sorry I’ve not really give you much info but I tried to find tutorials on youtube and I couldn’t find any! :( I’m sure the hairdresser will help so book an appointment :)

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Zayn Malik Style Haircut

Laura asks…

What’s a good haircut to cover receding hairline?

Hey there :)

Can you recommend me a good haircut to cover receding hairline at the temples? :)

Also, would a haircut like Zayn Malik‘s suit me?

Here are some pictures of me:

Thanks and have a nice day ;)

Zayn Fan answers:

Your hairline is hardly receding at all. There is no reason to cover it. For a short style, a short pomp(pompadour) style-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- will suit more than a butch.

The answer at the following link describes the short styles:;_ylv=3?qid=20110525181053AAdzyeS

Good Luck!

Daniel asks…

How to style louis tomlinson haircut.?

I have straight hair like louis on some of his videos, but how can i do such wavy banks, what schould i use. PLEASE HELP ME, i wanna have banks like louis.

There’ photo:

Zayn Fan answers:

Louis Tomlinson Style 2013 is part of One Direction in order to exist in 2013, the friend of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles is very confident about its looks. Louis Tomlinson is very fond of playing the ball, the images look so enjoy her hobbies. In terms of fashion, Louis Tomlinson has a more dynamic style of managing his clothing so it seems more appropriate to the circumstances. Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson Hairstyles for a slight change from before is now more like Beckham hairstyle.

Richard asks…

Hair styles like this?

I’m trying to find more references to hairstyles like the one in the link. I’m getting my haircut soon but the photo only shows the back of the head and I want to see what the front would be like if I had gotten it. Any help would be great! Thanks ahead of time!

Zayn Fan answers:

Look up zayn malik, his hair is like that. You’re welcome xx

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Zayn Malik Parents

Betty asks…

Zayn Malik, is he Half Pashtun, Punjabi, Sindhi, or Balochi?

Sorry, i don’t buy the idea of Pakistan being an ethnicity…. Pakistan is a civic nation. We can also assume he’s 100% british because whatever places his parents were from were under the british empire :P

Zayn Fan answers:

Lol…he would tell you he is Pakistani….many children of Pakistani’s do….watch Pakistani test matches to see them supporting after the country they/or their parents could not wait to leave…

Ethnicity. … Asian…south east Asian.

He certainly is not English…..white northern European for thousands of years…never Asian or black historically…who knew?

As for British….I agree almost anyone from anywhere can scam a British passport by spinning a yarn or marrying a cousin.

Helen asks…

Did zayn malik do 9/11?

Zayn Fan answers:

Maybe his parents did

Daniel asks…

Do you know what accent does zayn malik speak in?

im assuming he speaks yorkshire accent as hes from bradford but there are times where the way he speaks cant be classified. Any idea? Im just curious because i love observing people’s accents (: thank you! x

Zayn Fan answers:

My friends kow him. His parents are from kashmir in pakistan

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Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Charles asks…

Know any one direction and house of anubis fanfic?

Kinda searching for nina and liam or zayn though

Zayn Fan answers:

Here are all the One Direction FanFics:
And all the House of Anubis FanFics:

A good Liam one I’ve been reading (but its not finished yet)
A good Lou one:
And a Good Zayn one:

^^ These are all REALLY good btw:) ^^

And sorry, I don’t have any good House of Anubis suggestions, cos I don’t really read any or watch it

Linda asks…

My friend is obsessed with a fanfiction?

Okay so my best friend and I got bord one day so we each read a fanfic and we got totally obsessed with hers an read it 2 times because I won’t let her read it again but she is sitting on her couch with and she is almost dying not really but it’s killin her for the next chapter to come out its a clog haggler and she freakig out because she can’t read the next chapter witch will probably come out in the few days I not today but this is gonna happen ever time she needs the next chapters to come out but what can she do to kinda get over book but not to where she does not want to read just so that she can handle and survive the authoring before the next chapter is uploaded so she can read it
Also chech tht story out I read it and it’s pretty good it’s about One Direction it’s called- Summer Lovin it’s really good and well detailed the main characters are Zayn Malik, Mackenzey Moris, and brynlee srry if I spelled there names wrong

Zayn Fan answers:

Oh boy.

This is why there’s the option on sites like to only read fics that are “complete”, so there’s no waiting around for the next chapter. Alternatively, she could message the author and find out if she has the entire story finished yet and is just updating it piece by piece.

Thomas asks…

What do you think of people who…?

Read fanficitions?

Zayn Fan answers:

I think they’re awesome, i love reading fanfictions, my favorites, zayn

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Zayn Malik’s Sisters

Sharon asks…

Young, brunette, tan-ish celebrity resembling Zayn Malik?

I’m in need of a celebrity (preferably with a fair amount of pictures available) that has dark hair, brown eyes, and has a similar skin tone to Zayn Malik. I roleplay, and the character I am is an OC and is Zayn Malik’s sister. She is 18 years old, so the celebrity can look around 17-20 years old. Also, she has a pretty innocent personality, so I don’t want anyone who looks tough or mean (if that makes sense). The current faceclaim that I have for her is Andrea Russett, and I love her considering she lives close to me, but there just aren’t that many pictures of her left to gather. So, if you could please list some actresses, singers, models, or sitemodels that fit, it would be of great help.

Zayn Fan answers:

Try Emily Fields or Christina Milian. :)

Maria asks…

zayn maliks sisters twitter?

Is Zayn Malik’s sisters twitter @WaliyhaMalik ? I was just wondering? If so, Why doesnt he follow her?

Zayn Fan answers:

Maybe her twitter is fake.

Chris asks…

How to do my hair like this?

Waliyha is zayn Malik’s sister and I absolutely love her. I want to know how to do my hair like hers. A video would help. please answer!

This is what her hair looks like:

Zayn Fan answers:

Just look up how to tease your hair on youtube and then learn how to do a sock bun just look these both up on youtbe and put then together

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Zayn Malik Muslim Or Christian

Laura asks…

Is Zayn Malik Really a muslim?

He drinks alchohol(which is a sin in islam) and He has tattoos. Plus he is 19 are’nt you supposed to be 21 to drink????

Zayn Fan answers:

There are Muslims who do not follow their stated beliefs just as there are Christians, Jews, and many others.

David asks…

Are people still saying that Zayn Malik is a bad Muslim?

Are they?

If they are then why can’t they leave hime alone? It’s his life. Are they forgetting that he’s part christian too?

Zayn Fan answers:

To be honest I think he should just be christian he has so many sins.

Richard asks…

does zayn malik act like muslims or not ?

zayn ?

Zayn Fan answers:

Well his mum is Christian I heard he took after her beliefs, but Zayn’s dad is Muslim.

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Zayn Malik Religion

Nancy asks…

How does it feels when u hear that Zayn Malik is actually from Pakistan? :p?

I seriously have no idea what to say…

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn is born and lives in the UK. His family was from Pakistan, he just has Pakistan origins. I don’t mind what race Zayn is, I love him for who he is.

I get mad when people start yelling cruel names at him because of his race and religion. That’s just wrong.

Daniel asks…

What is the religion of zayn Malik?

Zayn Fan answers:


Sandy asks…

Soo isn’t zayn malik a Christian?

Everone was saying he is a Muslim but on twitter he retweeted “God has no Phone, but I talk to him. He has no Facebook, but he is still my friend. He does not have a twitter, but I still follow him. ♥”

Zayn Fan answers:

That doesn’t automatically mean he is a Christian… Jews, Christians and Muslims are all “Abrahamic” religions that worship the same God, “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. Allah is not an exclusive Muslim god, it is just the Arabic word for God. Even Christians who speak Arabic refer to him as Allah.

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Zayn Malik One Direction Religion

Donna asks…

what religion is Zayn Malik?

From the band one direction?

Zayn Fan answers:

The cutest one!
He's Christian btw

well i would say hes part of "Chrislam"
Since his mom is christian and his dad is muslim

Sandra asks…

Zayn Malik? A serious question?

I know Zayn Malik is Muslim, he never said that in any interview but he has tweeted about it :)
People/fangirls know he’s muslim yet they are in love with him. So my question to everyone is,
Why are people racist to everyday Muslim people (guys & girls) but they aren’t racist to the gorgeous Zayn Malik? Please give me deets and reasons (not just cuz he’s cute :p )

No, I’m not muslim – but as I was watching the One Direction : A Year In The Making, that thought crossed my mind :/

Zayn Fan answers:

I have no idea :/

Maybe because Zayn is part of 1Direction and to be a directioner you should respect him and his religion :)

Donald asks…

what religion is zayn malik?

i want to know what zayn malik (one direction member)religion is he has muslim name he is muslim or another religion.

Zayn Fan answers:


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Zayn Malik Gif

Nancy asks…

Who is this, I think he was a part of a group on britains got talent, 10 points (pic)?

Anyone recognize him?
Karmina gets 10 points (: Thanks.

Zayn Fan answers:

His name is Zayn Malik, he was a contestant on X-Factor.

Click here for more of him:

Laura asks…

How can I look better?

How to look better overall?

cloaths, acsesorices

when my hair starts growing back im thinking this:

Asked by itstoembarrassing 10 hours ago
Additional Details

i need a new hoodie but have no idea wich one to get

Zayn Fan answers:

Nice, i think that hair do will do great on your appearance, get some hoodies like these , these are hot on boys

IF you’re looking to purchase some here are some places you can get some hot hoodies

I Like the vans sweater the most , below /,default,pd.html?dwvar_0191037910007_color=001&start=24&cgid=mens-hoodies-fleece,default,pd.html?green=0F1F11EC-4FD1-552B-946A-2E49F291026D

(has a lot of colors),default,pd.html?dwvar_0191026300001_color=240&start=44&cgid=mens-hoodies-fleece,default,pd.html?dwvar_0190191330001_color=004&start=41&cgid=mens-hoodies-fleece

Steven asks…

What? Can we be punished over someone that we fancy or adore?

I was wondering..could God has punished or were punishing me for liking and adoring someone of the opposite gender..without any sexual desire at all?
I always fancy boys more than girls ever since I was a child..surely God can’t be hating ever since I was a child right? I can’t simply resist all the urge and sweet thoughts in my head when they are somehow comforts me. Like how sweet it was when I and Zayn Malik share a samosa,how we will laugh and tickling each other all day. And when I’m upset..he will put his arms around me and place his hands on my shoulders so that I wouldn’t feel so sad. That’s all..nothing’s vulgar. I wasn’t confused..I don’t know if all this a part of the reasons that God could hate me.

Fi qalbi,fi hulumi..
Anti ma’i ya habib..

Zayn Fan answers:

I was wondering..could God has punished or were punishing me for liking and adoring someone of the opposite gender..without any sexual desire at all?
—-arent you a guy and Zayn Malik is a guy so how its the opposite gender and Zayn is a douche who you shouldnt fancy
Well what you are thinking are desires and in a sexual way so you are lusting over him, you fanatisize about him and i dont think you are supposed , i think you will be punished for evil and bad thoughts, i think you should read the Quran, make dhikir, keep away from Satanic thoughts, and pray salat

you can like him as a person and admire them but not lust over them, you are punished for your intentional bad thoughts i think since you think them intentionally

Fi qalbi,fi hulumi..
Anti ma’i ya habib..
What does that mean

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Zayn Malik Quotes

Sandy asks…

Why doesn’t Zayn Malik tweet?

Why doesn’t he barely tweet. I know he used to tweet a while ago in 2012 and he would post those quotes and now he barley does it.

Zayn Fan answers:

Out of the whole band, he gets the most hates. He gets called a terrorist, a drug addict, and just search ‘@zaynmalik’ on twitter and see how much the love tweets are just a few.

Lizzie asks…

Best one direction quote?

What is your favorite one direction quote (the british one) i am making a custom cell phone skin on and i wanted to put a 1D quote on it.
‘Vas Happenin’, ‘I like girls who eat carrots’ ‘i have a strange fear of spoons’ ‘No! Jimmy protested’ are my favorites. what are your favorites? What should i put on my cell phone skin? Thanks i appreciate all answers that are helpful :)

Zayn Fan answers:

“I always defend the people I love, even though I’m about as terrifying as a baby penguin”.
- Niall Horan

“Being single doesn’t mean that you’re weak, it means that you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve.”
- Niall Horan

“Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life”.
- Zayn Malik

“You’ve got to take risks if you want to find love”.
- Zayn Malik

“Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain”.
- Louis Tomlinson

“I have a phobia of spoons, I haven’t used one in 10 years”.
- Liam Payne

Ruth asks…

What is your least favorite quote?

Zayn Fan answers:

“When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he’s everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he’s not easy to spot; he’s really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair.”
~Taylor Swift
“You’re lucky enough to be different, never change”
― Taylor Swift
“Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny…” -Liam Payne
”Life isn’t a music player, where you can choose what plays, life is like the radio where you have to enjoy what’s on.”-Zayn Malik
“I like girls who eat carrots.”-Louis Tomlinson
“I always defend the people I love.”-Niall Horan

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