Zayn Malik Fanfiction

David asks…

Directioners: Where can I read Dark and should I read it before After?

Is Dark on Tumblr or Wattpad?
And, I realise how the second question sounds, haha, but should I read Dark before or after After?
Which is better?

Zayn Fan answers:

Dark is on Wattpad and After is also on Wattpad!

Dark link:

Read After first because its amazing! Anddd would you mind reading my fanfic? Its kinda like Dark.. But the Niall Horan version ;) you’ll love it!

My fanfiction link :

Hope you enjoy! :) xx

Steven asks…

I need a cover for my wattpad story?

Any wattpad users that know how to make me a cover make me one?
My story is called Love in the Lights
My username is YouJustMightt
My story is a fanfiction of Zayn Malik from One Direction.
Anyone can help? :)

Zayn Fan answers:

Easy. Google it or…
1) select a picture and add it into the “paint” app on your computer
2) some people like the writing a littke scribbley so write on the picture
3) on wattpad click my works and then chose the story
4) if you run the mouse ver the picture it will say change cover
5) select that picture off your computer
6) WHAMMM your finished

only 6 simple steps!

John asks…

One Direction Stuff :/?

My friend Amy wants me to write her a One Direction Fanfiction on this website called wattpad for her birthday, but I know nothing about 1D except their names and X Factor.
Can I have random facts as well as their personalities? thanks.

Zayn Fan answers:

LOVES food
his favorite restaurant is Nandos
his hair is naturally brunette
shortest of all of they boys
only irishman in the group
has least amount of solos
nickname is nialler
birthday is september 13, 1993
loves wearing stripes
loves carrots
nickname is boobear
oldest in the group
birthday is december 24, 1991
dating Eleanor Calder
3) Liam
Nickname is daddy direction or leeyum
birthday is August 291993
fear of spoons
4) Harry
youngest of the group
brithdate feburary 1, 1884
nickname hazza
loves pussy cats
loves his blazers
Born on janurary 12, 1993
wears varsity jackets
nickname dj malik

I know way more but it’s night time and im tired lol..
I have a wattpad too and im writing and 1D Fan Fiction..


^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thats my story.. Feel free to inbox me on any questions you have about the boys!

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Zayn Malik And Perrie Edwards

Sandy asks…

What do you think about Zayn Malik being engaged with Perrie Edwards?

Zayn Fan answers:

The first answerer is absolutely incorrect. Zayn Malik is most definitely engaged with Perrie, as could be read all over the news, if only one would read the news. See links.


I couldn’t find anything on her being a lesbian. Perhaps the first answerer is a disgruntle ex boyfriend of her whom she dumped.

Paul asks…

Omg! what happened with Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards?

What happened? I was just on twitter and I saw things talking about Zayn and Perrie. I didn’t quite understand what people were saying. It was really confusing I think one of them said something like one of them cheated on the other. Its really sad because they are so cute together.

Zayn Fan answers:

A One Direction fan was on the same floor as One Direction while the boys were in the states on tour. The One Direction fan decided to take a video through the peep hole hotel room door and while taking the video it looks as if Zayn Malik is inviting a female who is not Perrie Edwards into his hotel room. The video did not show a good quality nor a great sound so the video may be fake. The fans do not believe the romance between Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards is true which is one of the reasons as to why Zayn Malik decided to delete his Twitter account earlier today. You can watch a video of Zayn Malik bringing a female into his hotel room from going on this website here

Joseph asks…

What are you’re thoughts on Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards?

Jus wanted to kno how u feel about their relationship?

Zayn Fan answers:

Perrie finally came up with an answer telling us: “I met Geri Halliwell at the Olympic Closing Ceremony and I met Michelle [Williams] from Destiny’s child that was scary.”

But before you think she’s too [perfect what with her good looks, being in a girl band and bagging Zayn Malik for her boyfriend even she was her faults.

When we asked the last lie she told, Perrie said: “I don’t really lie, maybe a little white lie to my mum saying ‘I’m going to bed but can’t text right now’ when really I can’t be bothered.”

We’ve all done it Perrie!

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Zayn Malik Parents

Joseph asks…

Is Zain Malik from One Direction……?

Is Zain Malik from One Direction arab or something? His name just sounds arabic and yes I Know he’s from the UK. DUH!

Zayn Fan answers:

He’s half white (mom is british)
and half brown (dad is pakistani)

here he is with his parents

it’s spelt ZAYN btw

Ruth asks…

Does anyone other than my obsessed friend beleive Zayn Malik is Muslim? I mean come on…. ?

She’s Muslim too like me and aparently Zayn is somehow Muslim bexuase he’s either Lebenese or one of his parents is…i’m serious. Both his ears are peirced and he’s part of a band (One Direction)…I’m not sure if he sings though. I think it’s because she’s so in love with him that she’s holding on to this tiny sliver of hope that she can grow up and marry him somehow because they’re both Muslims and lebenese aparently. Ah. I mean I love her but you don’t see me going around saying Ronnie Radke or Andy Six or Chrisofer Drew Ingle are Muslims because I love them and their music sosososoossos much. But yeah. So does anyone else beleive it? I’m going to show this to her later….
Oh and I’m not trying to be mean or anything. You guys. She’s my best friend. It’s just. Hard to beleive. Too good to be true, ya know.

Zayn Fan answers:

He did claim to be Muslim and proud.
By the way, he is of English and Pakistani descent, not Lebanese.

Although I highly doubt he is a very practicing Muslim, he has a tattoo, dates girls and wears a crucifix… All that makes me raise doubts on his religiosity.

His name ” Zayn Jawaad Malik” is indeed an Arabo-Muslim name.

Paul asks…

people think i am zayn help!!?

a lot of people in my city are mistaking me for zayn malik / his cousin, cause apparently i look like him -_- anyway its gotten so bad I’ve even got people outside my parents house waiting for me to come out, because they know that my driver is on his way! i can’t go anywhere in town without being stopped by a load of fan girls taking pictures with me and stuff. On some days it can get so bad that even my driver can’t take me and my mates or even my girlfriend anywhere because the amount of people that swarm the jeep. Arghh i dunno what to do, because my parents are getting really stressed with people outside the house.

Zayn Fan answers:

And then you woke up……..

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Zayn Malik One Direction Phone Number

Laura asks…

Does Zayn Malik have a phone number?

I really love One Direction , I’ve been a Directioner for a year and a half now. Zayn<3 is just such a gorgeous and funny guy, he has a beautiful voice when he sings.

I think that me and Zayn would make a beautiful couple, and like I was wondering if Zayn has a phone number so that maybe we can talk and get to know each other and be friends.

Thanks, though this may sound shallow I understand that Zayn and Perrie are engaged but nonetheless my heart yearns to befriend Zayn and be close to him regardless.

Zayn Fan answers:

Yeah um he’s engaged… If you were a fan you’d know that… Even if you WEREN’T a fan you might know that… So you’re probably trolling. And if you’re not, I’m sure he has a phone number but he’s not going to give it out to the public, that’d just be dumb. Besides, no offense or anything, but I doubt he’d date 13 year old who knows more about him than he does.

Sandra asks…

Does Zayn Malik have a phone number?

I looove Zayn and I always thought he was like the cutest and most talented guy in 1 Direction but I never got to meet him personally.

I actually like hit him up on Facebook and sent him & 1D tweets but I never got any response back from him.. Does anyone know if maybe Zayn has a phone number so that if he’s single like maybe we could talk? Thank You:)
Does anyone by any change like think they might know what it is ?

Zayn Fan answers:

Even if someone has it they aren’t going to give it out. It’s kept private for a reason. If your a fan you need to respect that. I don’t think he wants creepy stalker fans calling him up every second.
Put yourself in his shoes would you really want to get millions of calls from creepy fans every second trying to call you who you don’t know. That would get very annoying and creepy. That’s partly why Celebrities don’t give out their phone numbers

And he’s not single he’s engaged. You don’t have any chance with him.

Ken asks…

What is Samantha Urbani (Zayn Malik ex)’s phone number?

Zayn Fan answers:

Um why? It’s private for a reason.I’m sure she doesn’t want One Direction fans calling her up and annoying her.

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Zayn Malik Quotes

Nancy asks…

Does Zayn Malik of 1D like older women?

I always knew it was Harry but I was reading an interview of Cover Drive and the girl said ‘I think Zayn is cute but I’m probably too old for him. Actually I heard he likes older women so maybe I’m too young!’ (not exact quote) is this true or is she just being ignorant? Thanks :P

Zayn Fan answers:

There is a rumour that I’ve heard that he is dating Samantha Urbani, singer for indie rock band Friends. If the rumour is true, she would be 5 years older than him because she was born in 1988/1989.

Joseph asks…

If you are a true directioner?

put your favs on order from hottest to funniest!! and your fav quotes

Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson!!!!

Vas Happening?!-zayn-
Its on like donkry kong! -liam-
simple but effective.- harry -
Aww Harray!!!! -louis-
Potato!!! -niall-

Zayn Fan answers:

I’ll go this way

Hottest: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne.

Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan.

Zayn :

“This is for the girls who have the tendency to stay up at night listening to music that reminds
them of their current situation… who hide their fears, hurt, pain and tears under the smiles,
laughs, and giggles on a daily basis. The girls who wear their heart on their sleeve. The girls
who pray things will work out just once and they’ll be satisfied. The girls who scream and cry
into their pilloe because everyone else fails to listen. The girls who have so many secrets but won’t tell a soul. The girls who have mistakes and regrets as a daily moral. The girls who never
win. The girls who stay up all night thinking about that one boy and hoping he’ll notice her
one day. The girls who take life as it comes, the girls who are hoping it will get better down the
road. For girls who love with all their heart, even though it always gets broken. To real girls, to
all girls, you’re beautiful.”








I suppose this one is kind of generic, but I think more people should have this attitude,
because people need to learn to be who they want and have other people love them for it,
instead of changing themselves to be loved.

Robert asks…


“Never live life in the fear of death”

-Zayn Malik

When was this quote said?

In what context or setting was it said?

What was the point the speaker was trying to get across to the audience?

Why is this quote important?

Does this quote have an impact on you? why?

Zayn Fan answers:

Well, I just want to point out that you can’t tell which way the train went by looking at the tracks.

That is a rather brainless quote because it uses all the words correctly but does not say anything worth saying. How exactly is one supposed to avoid living life in the fear of death? Just die without being afraid? Go around chanting “I think I can, I think I can?” Completely avoid all situations where danger might lurk? It is just worthless advice.

A quote from Churchill is more meaningful: “Nothing is quite so exhilarating as being shot at without effect.”

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Zayn Malik Photoshoot

Thomas asks…

Picture of Zayn Malik costume, pls help me DIRECTIONERS!?

So I really wanted to see a down to the feet: “a full-length picture” of Zayn Malik‘s costume that you can find in the so called videoclip “One thing”. I thought of pausing the youtube clip and trying to take a picture of him, but it’s quite difficult, so please help me? (PS:Only a picture of him not the other bandmates.)

Btw: can someone find me a down to feet picture of zayn malik in this photoshoot, i can’t seem to find it on the internet :’(

I really hope you directioners can help me!!

Thanx in advance!

Zayn Fan answers:


Hoped this is what you were asking for!

Donald asks…

POLL: Who is the hottest boy in One Direction?


Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn malik hes cool but louis tomlinson too mwa aaaaaawwwww

James asks…

who is the hottest band?

Well, I think one direction is The hottest band, but it’s just my opinion.. don’t get mad at me for loving one direction.. here’s some pictures of them:






I mean look at them, aren’t they sexy and hot? well I think they are..

So who do you think is the hottest band?

Zayn Fan answers:

Come on we all know it’s da Jonas Bruders!

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Zayn Malik Style

Thomas asks…

Zayn maliks hair style?

What shaped head does zayn maliks hair go best with. I have a heart shaped but I’m unsure. I have a jawline too but it’s not as sharp as his.

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn’s Quiff is a great kind of hair style found on many boys now, its sorta like how the burner hair was a fase. It should look perfectly fine with your head shape. Age is sorta a bit of it to, I don’t know how old you are but since you know who Zayn Malik is your probably a perfect age for this hair style, haha don’t forget his blonde streak in front (;

Joseph asks…

What tattoos do Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have?

Hello, I know that Harry got a new tattoo today, if any of you know what it is that would be great. But I also want to know what other tattoos he has. And I know that Zayn has lots of tattoos, what are they?

Zayn Fan answers:

Two things in Arabic and one is Walter for his granpda,
the ZAP tattoo
a heart
A yin yang
A microphone
A number 6
A leaf on the back of his neck, 
a hand with crossed fingers
something in chinese
a playing card
a puzzle piece

A for Anne
A star
Won’t stop til we surrender
A hanger
His new one isn’t reveled

Richard asks…

who’s hotter: zayn malik or harry styles?

and why??

they’re from one direction btw

Zayn Fan answers:

Zayn.!!! Hes sooo hot. Harry is gorgeous but i find him more cute than hot

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Zayn Malik Fanfiction

James asks…

i saw a fanfiction trailer and it has parts of a movie that i wanna know it’s name?

here is the link please tell me what movie is this !

Zayn Fan answers:

Romance – Toxic A Zayn Malik Love Story

William asks…

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik fans.?

If you would like to tell me a bit about yourself, I will (probably) put you in my fanfiction love story. If you write your name and the guy who you would want to date the most, I will most likely put you in my story with them. Please check out my stories tomorrow if you would like to see if I chose you. Thank you for answers. I love you all!

Zayn Fan answers:

My name is Haley and I’m Asian:) Well I’m usually very outgoing but I can be shy when I’m around a huge crowd. I like going to the beach and Disneyland. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I’m short (5 feet 5 inches). I would like to date Harry because he was the one who caught my first when I heard about One Direction.

Michael asks…

What is the Zux Fanfic?

Baby Lux and Zayn Malik

Zayn Fan answers:

“Someone made a fanfiction about zayn and baby lux. A 19 year old superstar father and his 8 month old baby. Thats why its horrible. A fanfiction if you dont know is when someone makes a story about themselves or someone or even another member of one direction falling in love and stuff, and some are absolutely disgusting.” -Someone said

The writer than posted this;

She’s only but a child too!! But she started getting death threats, after death threats for it. So she deleted it. But hey, she’s getting popularity for it!

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Zayn Malik’s Sisters

George asks…

How to do my hair like waliyha malik?

Waliyha is zayn Malik’s sister and I absolutely love her. I want to know how to do my hair like hers. A video would help. please answer!

This is what her hair looks like:

Zayn Fan answers:

Yeah she’s really pretty
she has long straight dark hair ( black or dark brown)
don’t get layers or a fringe

Ruth asks…

Help with my storyy? xx?

Im in my 6th chapter of my fan fiction of One Direction. I need help like really. Okay, My girls name is Piper Malik, Zayn Malik’s sister. in this chapter her and Harry Styles went to go pick up the pizzas for the guys. When they get back home they see Parry is trending on Twitter, They just met the day before that and people are already think they are dating. I would like some opinions on what I should do next. They are sitting and talking about it. She is sitting beside Zayn and Liam, Harry is in the floor infront of her. I dont know what to type next. Any help? xx Thanksssss My story. :
Im in Chapter 6 c:

Zayn Fan answers:

Lights go out as a freak storm surges over the house, when they flicker back on there is a knife that has been pierced through Liams heart… One of them in the house has done it but which one….

John asks…

A legit crush on a celeb?

no, not Justin bieber. zayn Malik, from the British boy band one direction. he’s all I think about, we have SO MUCH in common and this might sound stupid but like we have so much in common it’s freaky, for example His last name ‘Malik’ is my uncle’s name. His sister’s name is my mom’s name. and other things! and something came up about him and this other girl and I am SO FREAKIN JEALOUS like I’m super serious. why am I jealous he’s just a celeb? but uh my friends say we look alike kinda. since we kinda have same heritage or whatever. but i really see us together. but it kills me that I know I’ll never meet him :( uh I mean Justin and Selena are going out and I love Justin but im not jealous. uh what should I do.!!?!?

Zayn Fan answers:

Damn Justin for being so cute >.<

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Zayn Malik Gifts

James asks…

Why is Justin Bieber trying TOO HARD to look sexy,while he’s not?

I was just watching his latest video, hooking up with a blonde girl…
and I was like: “Ugh, I can never imagine him being ‘sexy’!”

I wonder how girls find him even cute! :

Having sex with him?! Oh God, it would be a nightmare I guess. :
he still looks like a kiddo (b.t.w I’m 20 yrs old) : I could tell Zayn Malik looks way better.

What do you think people?!


+Any grammatical mistakes? Sorry, English isn’t my language.

Zayn Fan answers:

Fame has got to his head. He's terrible to fans. Got a ton of horrible tattoos. Makes terrible overhyped unoriginal music. He thinks he's gods gift to women which sickens me. He looks 12 and acts like a whiny 5 year old. I dont see what the big deal is with him. He has the personality of a gorilla bear. He makes perfume that smells awful and charges way too much for it. I tried to like him. I honestly did. I gave him and his music a chance because ill give anybody a fair listen too. He is something else to say the least

Linda asks…

How gay does my family think I am?

My birthday was on Jan. 1st but my mom lives in Oregan (I live in cali with my dad) and she’s in a tough spot, financially. Anyway, her and my sister picked out these two gifts for me and one of them was a pillow case and the other was a phone case…

The pillow case is a picture of zayn malik‘s face and the phone case was also a picture of zayn malik I’m not “openly gay”; like i’ve never outright said “I like boys” but there have instances where one couldn’t do anything but believe i’m gay. I’m not incredibly masculine either, but I like to believe I’m not entirely effeminate.

I like One Direction, not as much as I used to I guess, but their pretty funny and I like some of their music. But honestly.. A pillow case? with some guys face on it? I like zayn as much as any heterosexual girl (no intent to stereotype any hetero girls im sorry) but I don’t want to sleep on his face every night. (Unless it was his real face).

This isn’t to say that i’m ungrateful because I’m happy my mom put some thought into me and I know she cares about me. But is this a sign that I am without a doubt that I might come off as a little to stereotypical gay? idk! This is really weird to me. I’ll have to thank her but if I’m being honest, I’m a little embarrased. Can anyone help put this into a different perspective maybe? Or give me some insight?

Zayn Fan answers:

I like guns, cars, action movies, gangster rap…and penises. Our interests do not make us gay, straight, or otherwise. If you’re concerned about how your family might perceive you, then TALK to them about it.

Lizzie asks…

One direction working on their own 3D movie: Will you watch it?

One Direction doesn’t seem to be likely to fall from grace anytime soon. The band drew record-breaking ratings for The Today Show with their Rockefeller Plaza performance on Tuesday morning, has just released its second album Take Me Home, and has even earned a vigilant enough fanbase to receive live animals as gifts. The next step: movies! Sony Pictures has announced that One Direction will be the focus of a 3D film, directed by accomplished documentarian Morgan Spurlock.

You might know the filmmaker’s name from one of the many big- and small-screen projects he has churned out over the past decade. Spurlock is most famous for his 2004 fast food takedown Super Size Me, and has since directed and produced films like Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?, Freakonomics, and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which is his own personal statement on Hollywood’s habitual product placement. He also created the Hulu series A Day In the Life.

The new One Direction movie, which is being produced by Simon Cowell (who discovered the band on the United Kingdom’s The X Factor), will focus on band members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson, and their achievements and personal journeys into the spotlight. Spurlock, a highly stimulating filmmaker, will likely provide an interesting take on the band’s experiences with new fame and success, and perhaps on the industry itself.

Zayn Fan answers:

Honestly, I’m sick of 3d, but I’d watch those five paint a wall. I do not care. I’d support them no matter what. Besides, they’re interesting and entertaining on their own. They don’t need fancy stuff.

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